Designed to Meet the Everyday Needs of the Modern Physician

MedChartz provides a powerful tool that offers a simple and convenient way for physicians to manage their practice while providing the highest level of patient care. The software offers resources for the patient as well, such as secured access to their personal records, online scheduling of office visits, telephone calls, and video conferencing. By providing cutting-edge technology, patients truly appreciate the medical services, which in turn helps build a practice.

Features List

A Proven, Doctor-Designed EMR Toolkit

Universal Access

Access Your records anywhere,
anytime, on any device

With MedChartz, your data is stored securely in the cloud, and has been optimized for computers, tablets, and smart phones

Simple Interface

A Simple and streamlined
user interface

Designed by doctors, MedChartz was built to ensure that patient information can be found with minimal searching

Find Prescriptions and Test Results

Quickly find test results
and medications

Keep tabs on patient medications and prescription history to ensure there are no conflicts or oversights

Health Reporting

Patient Portal allows patients access to their own records

Easily add your patients as users to give them full access to their own medical records and information

Create Reports

Create Comprehensive
reports and letters

Compile and generate comprehensive physical reports, consult letters, and pre-operative evaluations within seconds.


Electronically prescribe medications

MedChartz provides links to e-prescribing software to easily prescribe new medications or refills.


Maximize Your Workflow

Spend more time with your patients, and less time managing them with our all-in-one practice management platform.

Secure Data

Secure and Protected Information

All data protected with the latest industry-leading, HIPAA-Compliant, https/SSL encryption, on a private, password and firewall protected server with secured backups.

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What Doctors are Saying About MedCharts

Easy to learn and provides succinct, but clear documentation sorely lacking in large EMR systems. This is backed up by solid personalized service.

Ali Afrookteh, MD, FACP

The ideal Electronic Health Record for my practice. The elegant simplicity and efficiency meet physician, staff, and patients needs. My patients enjoy the respect of having open access to their complete medical record in an easy to use format.

Rebecca Plute, MD