We focus on the elements that matter most to running a medical practice.

MedChartz empowers doctors to run an efficient practice at the highest level of patient care, without all of the noise contained in traditional EMR systems.

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A Toolkit Built for Today’s Direct Care Provider

Patient Records

Patient Records

Completely paperless cloud-based EMR presented in a diagnosis-friendly format. Verify records before adding to a patient’s chart, cutting down on errors.



Cloud-based scheduling which provides patients access to add themselves to the schedule, and provides calendar integration with automated email/sms reminders, making reminder cards an obsolete process.


Optional e-scribe integration with RxNT allows you to create and send prescriptions, thereby improving patient safety and quality of care. Schedule II prescriptions available as well.

Health Analytics

Health Analytics

Graph vitals such as blood pressure, heart rate, weight and lab results to see trends over time.

Health Reports

Health Reporting

Easily and rapidly create reports by automatically pulling in all relevant medical data and customizable templates: Physical Reports, Consults, Pre-Operative Clearances created in seconds!

Integration with Wearables

Health IT Integrations

Seamless integration with wearables and other mobile health technologies, such as blood pressure/heart rate monitors, scales and activity monitors. Automatically receive data within seconds and keep tabs on your patient’s health at all times.

Secure Interactions

Secure Patient Interactions

Communicate with all patients by sending emails directly with attched test results through the MedChartz HIPAA-compliant software.

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100% Cloud Based check
Implementation fee Free
Contract Length & termination fee None
Setup time Immediate
Lab integration Free (Quest)
e-prescribing $50/month (RxNT)
Free Automatic Updates check
Meaningful Use Certified Pending
Patient Portal with Secure Messaging check
Scheduling Software (Cloud Based) check
Patient Access to Scheduling Software check
Email Appt Reminder (Automatic) check
e-Report Builder with Customizable Templates check
Wearables and Health IT integrations check
Off-Site Backup check
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